25 - 28 April 2018 / Tehran Permanent Fairground

The Local Supporters Pavilion

Project Iran 2017 featured a national Iranian pavilion comprised of professional construction associations and syndicates that represented the main buyers’ groups in the local market. The Pavilion acted as a meeting point between these organization’s members and the exhibitors.

Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers

The Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers was established in 1973, as “Iranian Society of Consultants”, starting with 54 registered companies, which have grown to approximately 850 companies at the present time. The Society was accepted as a member of FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) and it is the exclusive representative of this Federation in Iran.


The Research & Development Institute of the Construction Industry

The Research and Development Institute of the Construction (Infrastructure) Industry (EHDAS RD), was founded by the co-operation of the largest and most influential engineering organizations with the ultimate goal of building capacities for improving sustainability and competitiveness of this sector locally and globally, through extracting, coding and translating knowledge to measurable development in a continuous manner.

EHDAS RD sees its role not only as a ‘knowledge integrator’ but also has the mission of “institutionalizing entrepreneurial attitude, sustainable innovation capacity, empowerment and participatory governance.

The founders and sponsors of the Institute cover six high impact network governance engineering organizations of the country. These networks represent, serve and interact within a supply and demand chain of 7 million people. The members of the said organizations include 2000 engineering project-based SMEs. These companies manage the second largest number of workforce capacity in the fields of Construction and Infrastructure Industries.

These six organizations are:

1-The Association of Iranian Contracting Companies of Industrial Installations and Equipment

2-The Syndicate of the Construction Companies

3-The Association of the Iranian Engineering and Contracting Companies of oil gas and petrochemicals

4-The Association of Iranian Exporters of Technical and Engineering Services

5- The Syndicate of Iranian Electrical Industries

6- Association of Mass Produced Housing companies




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Tehran Employers’ Association of Design, Architecture and Interior and Exterior of Building

Tehran Architecture Association was established with the purpose of supporting and organizing members and architecture engineers and all natural and legal entities that are working in the field of designing and building interior and exterior design, and was registered in Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. This forum is a guild employer formation that aims at realizing legitimate and legal guild and welfare rights of all members.

 Tehran Architecture Association, provides different services for its members including; job and occupation opportunities, personal education and related sources to customers, and is located in official website of the forum named “Economy & Market Analysis Group” which try customers provide with information of architecture business situation and effective factors in forming its economy. Another plan of forum is to help young architecture to prepare them for entering into business through training plans. 


Association of Construction Companies

The forum which is known today as the " Association of Construction Companies" is the oldest guild in Iran with more than half of a century of experience. This Syndicate is officially registered in 1948, and in spite of all difficulties that all of the syndicates and organizations might confront with, this syndicate has never stopped moving forward during all the past years. Although all founders passed away, old members pass the torch to the next generation. Also buildings, bridges, gravel roads are built by founders, all have remained as memorial monument of them anywhere in the country.

In February 1994 the Syndicate of construction companies was renamed "Association of Construction Companies" on the basis of Article 131 of the Labor Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Today due to the efforts of the contractors and construction companies across the country, Association of Construction Companies has been stablished in more than 27 provinces. They all individually play a fundamental role in improvement of construction industry in each provinces. Therefore, Association of Construction Companies already has 500 direct members and 3000 members in other provinces who provide technical and legal services indirectly.


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